The international MAGRAV team is resolved to make its mark in the field of environmentally friendly drive technology using magnetism.
This basic approach is not new: The essential question revolves around the task of exploiting familiar physical phenomena to develop useful technologies – technologies which satisfy the needs and demands of politics, industry and users.

In the course of many years of research and development, the MAGRAV engineers have succeeded in demonstrating the efficiency of the magnet-gravitation motor, of which the second generation is already available. The next stage of development involves the construction of compatible magnet motors which can be implemented as, amongst other things, vehicle propulsion units or electricity generators.

At the moment, it is not possible to publish detailed technical information as the patent specifications have not yet been submitted. Therefore, the presentation is restricted to a sketch of the technical developments, which have been made to date, physical principles and possible applications.
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Berlin/Zurich, 2016
andax Consulting & Management GmbH